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Christoph König, Professor of German Literature at the University of Osnabrück 

List of publications in English

  • The Unutterable as a Mode of Utterance: Wittgenstein’s Two Remarks on »Count Eberhard’s Hawthorn« by Ludwig Uhland, in: Wittgenstein-Studien 12.1, 2021, p. 91-110.
  • How to Modernize Hermeneutics: Reading of Rilke’s Late Poems, in: Iwo Amelung und Joachim Kurtz (ed.), Reading the Signs: Philology, History, Prognostication. Festschrift for Michael Lackner, München: IUDICIUM Verlag, 2018, p. 237-267.
  • The Limits of Cyclization. Friedrich Schlegel’s Notes ›On Philology‹ as a Form of the Novel ›Lucinde‹, in: Philological Encounters, 2016, 1, p. 105-130.
  • The Intelligence of Philological Praxis: On the Interpretation of Rilke’s Sonnet ›O komm und geh‹, in: Sheldon Pollock, Benjamin Elman und Kevin Chang (ed.), World Philology, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015, p. 285-310.
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  • Reflections of Reading. On Paul Celan and Peter Szondi, translated by Michael Taylor, in: Telos 140, 2007, p. 147-175.
  • Cultural History as Enlightenment. Remarks on Ludwig Geiger’s Experiences of Judaism, Philology, and Goethe, in: Klaus L. Berghahn und Jost Hermand (ed.), Goethe in German-Jewish Culture, Rochester, New York et al.: Camden House 2001, S. 65-83; also published as: Aufklärungskulturgeschichte. Bemerkungen zu Judentum, Philologie und Goethe bei Ludwig Geiger, in: Stephen D. Dowden und Meike G. Werner (ed.), German Literature, Jewish Critics. The Brandeis Symposium, Rochester, New York et al.: Camden House, 2002, p. 59-76.
  • Project on the History of German Studies, in: Dimension2. Contemporary German-Language Literature 3, Mai 1996, 2, p. 172-173.

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